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Toronto, ON, M4W 2B2


When Habits Aren't Helpful


Sometimes healthy "habits" can throw our lives out of balance without us even knowing it.

Spring 10 KM Training Tips


How I plan to CRUSH the 40 minute marker this year in a spring 10 km

Tip #1 get off the treadmill ...

Squat Spilt Snatch Sprawl Workout


Looking for a fun, fast KILLER 30 minute leg workout. 

Here you go!

Looking for a fun, fast KILLER 30 minute leg workout. 

Here you go!

Pistol Squat Progressions


The pistol squat is a huge badge of honour. To accomplish this exercise correctly you need both mobility and power in your legs. This week my workout focus is going to be about getting one step closer to my pistol!

Jules's Pull-up + Burpee Workout


My girl Jules is moving to Australia for two years to become a physio. I'm going to miss her so much and apparently my arms will to! Check out her intense pull-up burpee challenge! 

Ridiculously Good Enchiladas 


I made these for a dinner party and they are seriously out of this world good. A great big recipe for leftovers ... but they won't last long! Also the avocado cream sauce is the perfect little kick!


Studio to Street Style

Workout Inspiration

Food Food Food!

Trainer's Top Tips

A First Look At Our Wedding


Just a few pictures of our great day. More to come!

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