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Seek Discomfort


That fine line between discomfort and pain is actually WAY bigger than we think it is.

A great workout will absolutely push you to at least 20 uncomfortable places. SEEK it. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and that's were the magic is.

For My Girls ... On the Girls


Why upper body weights will NOT turn you into a hulkette. 

And if you're not doing them yet why your boobs might drop below your belly button by the time you're 35. Seriously.

Snow overit Workout


This week I'm tacking the famous filthy 50 workout ... that is if it doesn't tackle me first.

My #1 Diet Rule


The #1 piece of advice I live by when it comes to nutrition. 

Foam Roller Truth: It Should Hurt So Good


Foam rolling should NOT hurt. This is possible!! I am serious!

Jules's Pull-up + Burpee Workout


My girl Jules is moving to Australia for two years to become a physio. I'm going to miss her so much and apparently my arms will to! Check out her intense pull-up burpee challenge! 

Skin and Face Winter Survival Guide


My top three beauty products to help combat this harsh winter weather. 


Ridiculously Good Enchiladas 


I made these for a dinner party and they are seriously out of this world good. A great big recipe for leftovers ... but they won't last long! Also the avocado cream sauce is the perfect little kick!

Wintery Run Layer Guide 101


What to wear if it's 0°C, - 10°C or even -20°C.

My guide to the perfect winter running layers.

Studio to Street Style

Workout Inspiration

Food Food Food!

Trainer's Top Tips

A First Look At Our Wedding


Just a few pictures of our great day. More to come!

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