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Honeymoon Highlight Reel

Our top three (+1) adventures from our four week trip to South East Asia. The long awaited trip of a lifetime! So grateful that we finally crossed this one off the bucket list!

Crush Post Holiday Cravings 

Biting your cheeks today? Me too! I had the best birthday long weekend and I just want MORE! Here are my tips for avoiding the sugar withdrawal as much as possible!

Ambassador Eddie

Congratulations to the newest freshest lululemon ambassador on the block - Eddie Younger!

And tips if you are thinking of becoming one yourself! 

Athletes of the Month: Hannah and Michael 

Congratulations to this super awesome father daughter duo who brighten up my mornings in a big way! They are up for anything and are such hard workers - they totally deserve this!

Let's make our Day Harder

A new video from one of my exercise heroes Dr. Mike Evans explains the importance of an active day beyond just the basics of a workout. "Instead of driving around in your car for 10 minutes looking for a parking spot right out front what about parking a little further way in the spot reserved for people who want to live longer and have a higher quality of life." Love it.

20 x 20s interval Run Workout

A fun and fast way to fall in LOVE with interval running! A great workout to do with a friend!!

Bod Squad Awards

Our first annual Bod Squad picnic and awards night was a great success!

Free 40 Minute Yoga Video

Check out this awesome at home yoga video from Mula yoga right here in Toronto!

Cool as a Cucumber 

Looking to shave off a layer this summer? Try this tip, it has helped me a lot! 

Herb Garden Growing Tips

My third year of growing a herb garden is here! I've learned a thing or two and this will be the year I keep these little guys alive!! (hopefully!)

Achievement = Accountability 

There are two types of fit humans. The ones that can and will happily always workout on their own, and the ones that will not. Know what works best for you and work it!

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

This spicy sweet potato soup will knock your socks off! It's SO souper delicious ;o)

Organic Skin Like Whoa

Meet my skinspiration Aniela! We are wild about this new skincare line called Skin Essence Organics. 

It's not about the Kale

Why it is SO tempting to take the short cuts in fitness. But how in the long run it will only get us nowhere fast.


To gym or not to gym?! That is the question! Find out my thoughts on daily workouts. 

Ridiculously Good Enchiladas 


I made these for a dinner party and they are seriously out of this world good. A great big recipe for leftovers ... but they won't last long! Also the avocado cream sauce is the perfect little kick!


Studio to Street Style

Workout Inspiration

Food Food Food!

Trainer's Top Tips

A First Look At Our Wedding


Just a few pictures of our great day. More to come!

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